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Progressive Trance, Zenon Records / Occulta Records / Glitchy.Tonic.Records (IN)


Progressive Trance, Zenon Records / Occulta Records / Glitchy.Tonic.Records (IN)

Vaeya is a music producer and DJ based in New Delhi, India, specialising in progressive trance. His live/DJ sets can range from dark, intelligent and techy to lush, quirky and fun depending on the
environment and atmosphere.

Over the years, He has released tracks on Fatali Music, Glitchy.Tonic.Records, Rebeat, Twisted Frequency Recordings, Ovnimoon Records, Carmi Recordings, Occulta Records, Maia Brasil Records, Jellyfish Frequency Recordings and Zenon Records.

Vaeya spent seven years living in Australia from 2003. The diversity of the people and music at the parties and festivals he attended, alongside the extreme vastness and untouched beauty of the country, became a huge influence on his subsequent music production and DJ sets. Being amongst a scene where artists such as Sensient, Tetrameth, Shadow FX, Autonomech played on a regular basis was a massive inspiration. This emerging sub genre of progressive trance, now described as the signature ‘Zenon’ sound, captivated him the most.

Vaeya’s first solo album, ‘Passion Before Priorities’, was released on his bandcamp page in 2009. On returning to India in 2010, Vaeya joined forces with Indian based progressive trance label Occulta
Records where he released further material. In the same year he released his second full length album, ‘Bipolar’, on Germany’s Glitchy.Tonic.Records, an EP on Fatali Music and since then a number of tracks on various compilations.

In 2014 Vaeya was signed as the official Zenon Records DJ in India and can be found playing cutting edge sets representing this sound at parties and festivals both inside and outside of India.

He is currently working on his third studio album and a brand new live set.

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