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Progressive, Universal Tribe Records (AU)


Progressive, Universal Tribe Records (AU)

An ancient language, constructed with a collection of sounds from intricate licks, melodic bursts, vocal stabs driven through deep bass-lines that’s ever evolving. Advanced and able to relate with a wide range of listeners through a number of different BPMs that focus on balancing dark and light sounds across a spectrum which includes progressive, down-tempo and psychedelic journeys that fit and resonate with lush surroundings.

Having released his debut EP ‘Inward Spiral’ in 2015 Tekdiffeye has since featured at a number of events and festivals including both international and around his home land Australia. Setting the vibe on the main stage of Dragon Dreaming before Grouch being a highlight with other events including Where the Wild Things are, Tanglewood and Collaborations to name a few.

After a 9 year journey and drawing influence from artists alike Pspiralife, Seamoon, Tetrameth and more Tekdiffeye is now delving into the sounds of forest furthering his unique sound before the release of his second EP ‘An Auditory Illusion’ set to land this October through Universal Tribe Records.

Find your flow as you piece together the elements of communication and help to decode the mystery!

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Now we FEAST!

Bass Taster reservations open! As we get closer to summer we are once again bringing you a series of events to whet your whistle and get you warmed up for new years. Bass taster has become somewhat of a tradition in Twisted Frequency Lore, A sonic feast crossing a variety of bass flavours. The menu has been crafted to satisfy all manner of audiophile, a smorgasboard of scrumptious noise. The lineup is set to be announced shortly, expect an entrée of dubstep, a main course of DNB and a delightful jungle dessert.

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