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Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa


They, the people with a pronounced preference for the most diverse varieties of house and techno, have a strong need for events that inspire all our senses. And that's why they design it themselves! From their demands and their democratic way of working, a system has slowly grown over which they can trust in their work and constantly develop themselves. In addition to the musical thread and the audiovisual design over time, the decorative level of their events has become an integral part. Today, the tools have multiplied. Sets are made, tracks are produced, worked on stage sets. The concept remains an experience, the conception holistic. Many people participate in shaping their ideas and they are extremely grateful that in this way the border with their guests is still blurred. Let's get back to the question of who they are: not a clearly definable group - if you enjoy a peaceful, yet ecstatic atmosphere and an ever-changing audiovisual environment, they are happy to welcome you to their next event!


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Now we FEAST!

Bass Taster reservations open! As we get closer to summer we are once again bringing you a series of events to whet your whistle and get you warmed up for new years. Bass taster has become somewhat of a tradition in Twisted Frequency Lore, A sonic feast crossing a variety of bass flavours. The menu has been crafted to satisfy all manner of audiophile, a smorgasboard of scrumptious noise. The lineup is set to be announced shortly, expect an entrée of dubstep, a main course of DNB and a delightful jungle dessert.

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