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Techno, (ES)


Techno, (ES)

Leading the front row of dance floors since 2001, following the best international artist around Spain and Europe, and being a promotional worker for big clubs in Madrid since the age of 16, is how Sandrita got really passionate about Techno Music.

A taste built over the years is represented in her sonic variety, giving touches of different sub-genres in all her sets as electro, acid or trance.

Driving melodic techno that usually rise bpm as the heart does, leading to more melodic and hypnotic hard techno. Expect some fun on the dancefloor... For her there is always a time also for the more slow, sweet and deep sounds of House and Techno. Music as an expression of emotions, as a pad to the source of connection.


Flirting with vinyls since 2005, never got as focus as here in New Zealand where she has had the opportunity to share the music she loves for first time in different festivals like Mix, Lunasa, Omnishakty, and Dunedin Winter Solstice. And also in clubs and bushdoof, moving and organizing Soundation parties, where the premise is to create space for expression in an environment where to feel free and connected, pushing forward the Techno scene.

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First gig back of the year and its gonna be a SCHTONKER!

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