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Samara Alofa

Experimental Electronic, (NZ)

Samara Alofa

Experimental Electronic, (NZ)

Samara Alofa (They/Them) Producer/Musician/Songwriter based in Tamaki Makaurau, Aotearoa (Auckland, NZ).


With support from the underground experimental/electronic music community of Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland, NZ) and Poneke (Wellington, NZ), Samara has been creating sonic worlds and telling stories of the Urban Avante-Nesian since 2017. Starting out, their roots in the arts were seeded in the pasifika arts, creating soundscape compositions for local theatre shows and performance artists. A former member of the experimental performance art project ‘Blood Mothers’ which was formed in 2019, Samara moved out of the shadows and into the worlds of performance art and sound as one moving body of works through intuitive movement and a lot of raging. 


With their most recent release ‘Earth Punk’ an EP which they produced, mixed, mastered and wrote, tentatively Samara released their works with ‘Kuini Qontrol’, birthed by the genius’ and dynamic duo ‘Coco Solid’ and ‘Big Fat Raro’


Samara’s output is rather unconventional and constantly evolving. They work to be a god-anchor and use tools like lyrics and repetition to tell stories and evoke change. They tend to bend genres and blend into their craft ceremony. True to the hybrid essence of Indigenous Music and Arts their art is an ode to the communities and ancestors that came before us.

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