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Psydub, (NZ)


Psydub, (NZ)

Born in captivity — with two black eyes, constantly threatened and tranquillised

— PANDORRR realised that there must be more to life, that things didn't have to be so black and white. So, with a bamboo bobby pin, they escaped into the night on an expedition far and wide, to find an embarrassment of pandas living in the wild. But all the pandas were in hiding, surviving, in disguise. And the tumbleweeds just rolled on by...


Panda head in panda paws and more alone than ever before, PANDORRR —

about to give up hope, turn back for good — suddenly felt a deep rumbling underfoot. The whole valley shook and shuddered, birds aflutter, dust rising off the ground. Then from all around erupted a rich tapestry of sound, dripping down the mountains, skipping over streams, weaving together the lushest journey a panda could ever dream.


It was then that PANDORRR fell in love. Not with some randy panda they had conjured up, but with the primal pulse and tribal tunes and bamboo beats that make you swoon. Thus, they began to blend and mix every mystic morsel, to forceall the pandas out of the woodwork and onto the dancefloor


— a chance for them to feast and stomp and sprawl, to be truly free once and for all…  This is their mating call.

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