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Slam/Death Metal, (NZ)


Slam/Death Metal, (NZ)

Hailing from Christchurch City, New Zealand, 'Organectomy' have been at the forefront of New Zealand's Slam and Death Metal scenes since first hitting the stage back in 2010. 

The twisted slamming brainchild of Bassist Tyler Jordan, Drummer Jae Hulbert, Vocalist Alex Paul, and Guitarists Sam McRobert and Ashton Moore, Organectomy's unique brand of 'Slamming Death Metal' incorporates Aspects of Old School Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, Atmospheric Death Metal, Technical Death Metal, and Slam into a twisted amalgamation of pure, sickening brutality.

With a couple of Demo's, an EP, and shows all over New Zealand under their belt, December 2017 saw the release of their debut Full length album; Domain of the Wretched.

Following this release Organectomy quickly saw an overwhelmingly large amount of positive feedback and reviews globally, and very soon after found themselves being signed to American Extreme Metal label; Unique Leader Records.

Having gained a lot of traction online and within the local New Zealand metal scene, Organectomy found themselves being given the opportunity to support larger local and international metal acts, such as:
Fleshgod Apocalypse from Italy,
Cattle Decapitation from the United States,
Depths from New Zealand,
Archspire from Canada,
Aborted from Belgium, Rivers of Nihil from the US, and Beyond Creation from Canada.

Organectomy has just recently released their sophomore album, ‘Existential Disconnect’ and along with a new lineup of Matthew Bolch and Levi Sheehan playing on the album, the new sound is faster, heavier and more slammier than ever.

Soon Organectomy will be departing to the Land of the Free, the USA for a 28 show tour along side other Death Metal heavyweights from around the world.

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