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Techno, (NZ)


Techno, (NZ)

Hardcorey Electronic dance music producer and DJ ( NZ- Nelson) 

Spinning only the finest selection of electronic dance music, Corey mainly gains his inspiration from European or American DJ and club culture. 

After being involved with the likes of Wellington Party organisers “Peng Productions” and “The Pudding Club”, Corey has had his fair share of exposure to the club culture that has emerged out of New Zealand, and aims to create dance music that's unique to kiwis with his own productions. A typical night on his dance floor will have you busting moves to raw rhythms, transcending sequences, psychedelic evolving lead sounds, immersive pads and dubbed-out vocals, all fused together with an underlying back beat of techno and afro-house music.


 “My music is tailored to people like myself who just want to close their eyes and get completely lost in rhythm & sound when they are out on the dance floor” 

"My sets always have an element of rawness and euphoria attached to them; where i'm trying to recapture a time and place where electronic music is very new and unpredictable"


On June 13th he released his second E.P “Tamata”, which is available for streaming on SoundCloud and purchasing on BandCamp.


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