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Ghost Who Walks

Electric Voodoo Groove, (NZ)

Ghost Who Walks

Electric Voodoo Groove, (NZ)

Rumour has it that many moons ago Sam Fowles suffered from a near death experience that took him on a journey into the other side. This is where he met the ancient voodoo spirit Baron Samedi. As well as being the master of death he is also the giver of life; he refused to dig Sam’s grave, instead sending him back into our world  to spread his ‘electric voodoo groove music’, and in doing so creating the musical entity that is Ghost Who Walks.


Formed in Wellington, New Zealand. Ghost Who Walks sound is firmly based around groove music, lacing their sound with influences from soul, reggae, afrobeat and blues, with psychedelic overtones, sprinkled with digital sonics layered over their funk foundations. Resulting in a sound that demands to be heard live. Their live set is a visceral experience, hypnotic and danceable from the outset with swashbuckling musicianship fuelled by raw energy and good vibes. Ghost Who Walks brings the party whenever, wherever.


“Ghost Who Walks shook us to the soul with their funky melodies and strong vocals.” - The Mousai


Their complex grooves and trance-like rhythms serve as the perfect vehicle for Ghost Who Walks message, with conscious lyrics that discuss personal woes in a world of harsh realities; the light and the dark, love and loss, forming a brooding sense of dissatisfaction, although ultimately underpinned by a message of hope. Addressing the wars we fight in our own hearts and minds utilising a loose narrative that creates a more abstract and personalised experience. “Basically, its the blues I’m singing about, our condition as humans, our existence and all the blues that come with that. Today’s blues. Blending today’s realities and masking it with fantasy to create the sense that reality is unique to our own individual state of mind.” - Sam Fowles Guitarist/Vocalist.


Since the bands inception in 2016 Ghost Who Walks have wowed  audiences with their electrifying live sets. Their mission statement is a concise, clear vision; “to make music that moves the body and touches the soul”. Introducing themselves back in 2016 by entering the National Battle of the Bands competition making it all the way to the national final.


Ghost Who Walks released their debut four track EP in 2018. Showcasing how they push the boundaries musically as far as possible with songs that drive and soar. Ranging from the psychedelic soul and funk of ‘Walking Talking Blues’, their crunching calling card in ‘Vertigo’, the toe tapping funk-reggae of ‘Dreaming About Listening’ cascading into the Marley-esque lyrics of the smokey ‘Soul Power’.


“Having poured blood, sweat and tears into this project, there's a defiant sense of raw passion and controlled production in the short space of four songs, and the end result is one that seems to come daringly close to capturing the magnetic vibrancy that the group have become notorious for throughout their journey”. -The Soundcheck


Celebrating their release with a sold out Wellington show, followed by a 10 date North Island tour culminating at the Sanctuary Sounds music festival. Which included opening for Barnaby Weir and Friends along the way. Other recent support slots of note include opening for Raw Collective and Racing.


They are currently working on a full length LP set for release in 2020.

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