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Eds' Room

Pianist/Synth Wizard, (NZ)

Eds' Room

Pianist/Synth Wizard, (NZ)

Ed's Room’ is an immersive sound and light experience. This deeply intentional show creates a space where both time and spacial perception distort, creating a story that takes you through your own personal journey.

The show begins with Antarctica breaking up contrasted with a world that turns a blind eye, illustrated with sounds of children playing in a yard and an unflinching piano piece performed live. Next, the launch into space with original recordings of the Apollo missions, flying through searing rhythmic synthesiser pieces and long-form simmering electronica utilising a variety of acoustic, electronic, and electro-mechanical instruments and live effects.

'Ed's Room' began melting minds in 2017 and features the musical wizardry of Ed Zuccollo and the synergistic lighting design of Nic Cave-Lynch. Arrive open minded and hearted, be seated and comfortable before the show begins and let the show guide you on a beautiful and deep journey that is totally unique to you.



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