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Dub Sensei

Dub/Psy/Techno/Acid/Hybrid, (NZ)

Dub Sensei

Dub/Psy/Techno/Acid/Hybrid, (NZ)

Having recently returned to dance music after a 15 year hiatus being a parent etc etc
I have rediscovered my passion for the live performance arena. I rebuilt my skill-set up over the
last two years performing smaller gigs with a group of friends and progressing to doofs and
larger festivals last season. I was using predominantly hardware when I was last doing live workhowever thats all changed and I’m now an Ableton guy.

I don’t have any desire to really make tracks. I prefer to put it all into the live setup and createone-off performances that exist purely in those moments.A love of 70s Jamaican studio dub informs a chunk of my “sound” and my aim is to fuse some older styles with newer progressive dance techniques.

Every set is crafted specifically for the event it is being played at, with much thought given to the
vibe and energy that it’s likely to be absorbed into. Set times will dictate whether I lean heavier or lighter.

I am a qualified Audio engineer so sound quality is of course an underlying factor I take very seriously. I’m confident I can bring something that sounds exciting and deep on a big system.

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