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Cold Shower

Post Punk, (NZ)

Cold Shower

Post Punk, (NZ)

In the recollection of a fever dream, listen close. You might hear the final rotation of an industrial cog or the primal cry of a jobless factory worker. Although Thomas Isbister (bass) and Jak Harris (guitar) are both drummers first, Cold Shower sees them attacking stringed instruments with percussive abandon. Drumming duties are covered by TJ Smart. John “Colter” Carson is on lead vocals transmitting the paranoid radio broadcasts of a Mid Western trucker - driving all night with a load of chaff.

What began in the hopes that fame and success would help Colter pay off his subprime mortgage is now growing into something far more sinister. A shamed U.S. expat, Colter delivers often paranoid lyrics with an all-American bite on top of angular guitar and a mechanical rhythm section. Spurred on by the aspiration to create a hectic sound and a disgust for bands who sit down on stage. It’s catchy and at times psychotic.

This December, Cold Shower will be supporting Butterflies Welcoming Spring on a South Island tour.

A debut album, CS10, is due for release in early 2021 - featuring songs about blizzards, bombs, and beef jerky.

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