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Butterflies Welcoming Spring

Sonic Post Punk, (NZ)

Butterflies Welcoming Spring

Sonic Post Punk, (NZ)

Builds to a scream. Drops away to a whisper.

Butterflies Welcoming Spring are a sonic post-punk duo transmitting from Christchurch, New Zealand. Their sound twists, sinks, and soars with noise-infused loops, hypnotic rhythms, and haunting vocals that oscillate between beautiful harmonies and urgent, piercing shouts.

Founding members, Josh Braden and Thomas Isbister, have taken everything audiences liked about No Broadcast and pushed it to the extreme. Their live shows are artfully improvised, gut-wrenching, and raw.

How can two people make so much organised noise? Aided by pedals, small-town frustration, and ‘not a normal guitar’ they play with harmonics, dynamics, and repetition to produce a message that cannot be spoken in words alone.

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First gig back of the year and its gonna be a SCHTONKER!

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