In collaboration with The Third Eye Hi Fi soundsystem, The Dojo is a queer-led space with a passion for gimungous bass and banging parties, providing a platform for underground and experimental artists across a diverse range of disciplines. The music and visuals displayed at The Dojo represent all the different energy levels that aren’t normally found in large festival environments; ranging from ambient noise, star-gazing and documentary nights on the 31st and 1st, to the more dance focused and high pace dance sessions on the 30th and 2nd. During the day The Dojo will also be an interactive community and art space where you can relax, create freely, or involve yourself in the plethora of workshops ranging from live microscope light shows and brain reading techno-cake to contemporary graffiti, leathercraft, and much more! 


Birthed from the dark and damp depths of Hataitai’s most eclectic flat, responsible for a myriad of oddly poetic noise complaint notices and animal control raids, The Dojo is a queer-led crew of friends and stooges with a passion for squelch. Having a conscious focus on safe party practices, we can collectively liberate one another from the pressures of the outside world. All walks of life are not only honored at The Dojo, but unapologetically and loudly celebrated 

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This stage showcases under- represented sounds that often don’t get the chance to be played through big festival systems. Having hand-built their own killer rig, Third Eye Hi-fi offers ample opportunity for delectable bass and untethered high-energy kicks.

During the day we also have a plethora of unique workshops and ongoing art projects for everyone to be involved with.

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First gig back of the year and its gonna be a SCHTONKER!

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