During the build out here we have been absolutely loving hearing the SKRAAARK of the Keas swirling above us, Wild Kea only exist in the South Island of NZ in and around alpine areas.

It is another daily reminder of the precious whenua we are priviliged enough to be running a festival on.

Keas are super smart - some scientists say they have the intelligence of a 4-year-old child! 

These beautiful manu are listed as nationally threatened with their numbers steadily declining and so it is MASSIVELY important that we do everything we can to protect them.

These birds are SUPER inquisitive - meaning they are likely to pick up any little bits they find. This is why it is so important to not leave any trash around, and pick up anything you find, so the keas don’t! We wouldn’t want them potentially eating something toxic. 

Find out more about this awesome creature here: https://www.keaconservation.co.nz/

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