Twisted Recycling Revolution!

Twisted Recycling Revolution!

We all know that old adage: Leave No Trace. And hosting a large group of people on a small piece of land, even for just a few days, can have a huge impact on the environment and generate a LOT of waste! So Twisted Frequency is changing things up a bit this year – so that we can all share the load and encourage ourselves to be conscious consumers. We have been working closely with local services to make sure that our festival’s collective footprint is as small as possible, and we are proud to announce that we will be providing a comprehensive recycling service as part of your Twisted Frequency ticket cost.


In previous years we’ve asked that you take all of your rubbish out with you when you leave, but this year we’re offering to dispose of all of your waste for you – with a nifty little catch! Twisted Frequency will dispose of all of your organics and recyclables for free(!), BUT we will be charging you if you want us to deal with your non-recyclables. Please DO NOT bring Gazebo's with you - they don't hold up against the wind very well, and if we see you putting one up we will tell you to take it back down.


Our waste system will work the same as it does for you at home – so you can sort your recyclables out like usual, for us to handle free of charge. This includes things such as paper, cardboard, recyclable plastics, cans, and bottles. Our recycling hubs will be scattered around the festival so we can make it as easy as possible for everyone :-)


Our free organics composting station will accept any plant or vegetable waste. All of our fantastic food vendors will be serving food using only compostable cutlery, plates and packaging – so you won’t need to worry about disposal of these either, just put them in the right place! All compost generated at Twisted Frequency will go to a local sustainable lifestyle block, where its nutrients will nourish another generation of organic plants and vegetables :-)


We’re hoping that this year our attendees will try to cut down on the amount of non-recyclables they bring in, as you’ll either need to take them out with you or pay a nominal amount for us to dispose of them for you :-) We’re bringing this new way of dealing with non-recyclable waste at the festival to make it easier for all of us to show our love for this planet we live on – no, we’re not just trying to make money! We won’t be charging anything more than we estimate it will cost for us to dispose of the waste, and any extra revenue generated from our waste disposal system will be donated to a local charity.


New Zealand (and now Twisted!) has an awesome recycling system in place, but it does need your help to make sure this runs at its best. We hope that charging for waste, while providing recycling and composting services for free, will encourage our Twisted family to be more mindful about sorting out our waste both at our event, and more generally throughout the rest of the year. We hope you are all as excited about this system as we are – we feel we have a platform to set a standard, and by encouraging people to be mindful of their impact over the holiday period we hope this will translate into their day-to-day lives too :-)


There is more info on the FESTIVAL INFO page :)


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