Hey team! In order for everyone to have a fun & SAFE time at Twisted, we ask that everyone has a bit of a read about consent… 


Although we all hope that this sort of thing doesn’t happen in our communities, unfortunately it is all too common. It is up to all of us to check ourselves and our mates, look out for one another and make our communities safer, together <3 


What is consent?


  • Consent is an enthusiastic, fully informed yes from both parties! Consent is not the absence of a ‘no’, nor is it a challenge.


  • Consent can only be given in a clear, sober mind state; someone under the influence cannot give consent (the more alcohol consumed, the more the brain’s decision-making centres are inhibited - even if an individual doesn’t appear inebriated).


  • Consent cannot be given if someone is presenting with possible adverse effects from being under the influence short OR longer term (i.e psychosis, mania).


  • Having been involved with someone sexually or romantically in the past does not assume consent.


  • Breaking terms of consent, i.e. removing a condom, is breaching consent.


  • Consent is checking in with a person and respecting their right to change their mind at ANY stage.


  • Consent is taking note of what people’s body language is saying and respecting their space and social cues – if someone is moving back or turning away from you, they are doing so for a reason!


  • Consenting to one form of sexual contact does not assume consent to all forms of sexual contact between two or more people.


  • Coercion is not consent - trying to assign someone else responsibility for your emotions or perceived ‘rejection’ is coercion.


  • The perpetrator/s does not have the right to decide what is ‘harmless’ or ‘just a joke’, and harassment is never the fault of the person affected.


This is relevant to all interactions (ie. not just sexual contact) - please remember to ask before going in for a hug, starting a heavy conversation, etc. If you do need to talk to someone, we have Nga Kaitiaki, PsyCare and medic teams available which are collectives we have in place to keep our whanau safe.


If help is needed or you would like to talk to someone, you can find the PsyCare tent in the market area next to the medics. Nga Kaitiaki will be roaming in green hi-vis for the duration of the party, so please don't hesitate to approach them with any queries or concerns - you can also talk to any of the crew, medics, PsyCare or security and they can take you to Nga Kaitiaki.


Every party goer is responsible for upholding consent culture at all times. Anyone found to be seriously breaching consent will be expelled immediately from Twisted Frequency Festival to ensure the safety of everyone onsite.


The same expectations and consequences outlined above are upheld consistently for ticketholders, volunteers, crew, outsourced organisations (i.e. Security, Market vendors), friends and family.


Please look out for your mates! If you see anything that you think looks a bit dodgy and don’t feel up to checking in yourself, Nga Kaitiaki will be around to help. If you witness any form of abuse, please report to Nga Kaitiaki or TF crew. 


Huge love Twisted Whanau, we look forward to celebrating the New Year with you and hope you all have a safe, EPIC time! 

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