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Workshop #Taiaha: The Warrior Gene is within

Workshop #Taiaha: The Warrior Gene is within

Toa has taught Mau taiaha for over 30 years to teenagers and adults in Aotearoa and across the world.

Mau Taiaha is a traditional māori martial art that requires attendees to have good footwear or bare feet, yoga pants or loose light clothing to move freely. 

Toa will take attendees through Ahei – salutes to the ancestors and the Atua – guardian forces of the realms.

Range of intensity and difficulty will go through low, medium and high impact physical movement aiming to achieve full group movement accompanied with sound. Our Kīwaha or sounded breath movement with each breath, helps us to tap into our deeper centred power spirit or Te Wairua Toa – The warrior spirit.


In the Cook Strait region, Toa conducts environmental talks, workshops and field tours to locations such as Kāpiti Island, Mana Island, & Durville Island. Toa has worked with youth facilitation over 20 years, providing outdoor education learning delivered togetherwith Mau Taiaha Māori Martial Arts.

Toa Waaka is currently the Kaitohutohu Rautaki – Māori Strategy Advisor to Wētā Workshop, the Cultural Director for Wharewaka, and the Māori Strategic Framework Project Manager at the University of Otago Wellington.

Toa continues to drive implementation of a Māori world perspective helping public & private sector to establish positive engagement with Māori and Polynesian communities.

Toa is from the tribes of Ngāti Toa, Ngāti Koata, Kāhui Tara, Te Matehou, Kaitangata – Te Ati Awa, Ngāti Rārua, Ngāti Kuia, Ngāpuhi & Ngāti Porou and has applied innovations to Scientific and critical analysis fused with indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) .

Toa believes in the philosophy that knowledge,  paired with physical activity increases cellular memory retention through Memetic knowledge transfer.


Mau taiaha is another workshop program that Toa is offering here at Te Pūkorokoro Rangi tāmiro – Twisted Frequency.


Hosted by Toa Waaka

Founder & Vice President of  Society of Māori Astronomy Research & Traditions (SMART Trust)

Māori Strategy Manager - University of Otago, Wellington

Kaitohutohu Rautaki  - Māori Strategic Advisor for


Tribal Representative Mana Whenua of Te Tau Ihu


Top of the South Island & Wellington Region.

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