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Wonders of the mini moog

Wonders of the mini moog

In 1970, Moog Music released the first portable synthesizer, the Minimoog Model D. Due to it being first synth to be sold in retail stores, people began to hear synthesized sounds in recorded music and on stage like never before. Even though nowadays we take portable synthesizers for granted, the Minimoog is still revered as the holy grail of synthesis by many for it's immense sound and playability. There's some quirky history behind it's design and also some extremely influential features that today's keyboardists wouldn't go without. You'll learn how it works, what each knob and switch does, and of course what it sounds like with examples and a one-off improvised performance to finish.
Ed has attained a mastery of the Minimoog, with 10 years hands-on experience. His knowledge and skill on the instrument led him to present a Minimoog masterclass at the New Zealand School of Music, as well as publicly at Pyramid Club. He utilises the Minimoog for a wide range of music production styles as well as on stage and in the studio with many bands over the years including Trinity Roots, OPIUO, Rhian Sheehan, and Troy Kingi.
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