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Weaving and Yarns

Weaving and Yarns

Weaving and Yarns with Aunty Cait

Weaving and Yarns I

A beginners level intro into the world of tapestry weaving. Come create a simple handwoven creation. Have a yarn and a weave, I’ll show you the basics of weaving and setting up your loom and provide some basic ideas to get you going. This intro will cover warping a loom, basic plain weaving and how to hem your creation once you are finished. We make fabric together! Materials provided!

Weaving and Yarns II

Following on from the first smash hit, we will be going a bit more in depth. In this workshop we will cover some more intermediate techniques and patterns. as well as troubleshoot any problems or answer any burning questions. This is where you can let your freak flag fly. Wow your friends with the weaving skills of a 14th century 12 year old girl. I have too much weird fabric knowledge come take it from my brain! Materials provided!



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