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The Witching Hour Cabaret

The Witching Hour Cabaret

The Witching Hour Cabaret is a new concept from Sophie deLightful, born from a series of successful cabarets at festivals such as Rainbow Serpent and Burning Seed (Scratch Camp). Produced and hosted by the Melbourne cabaret powerhouse herself, the show offers festival-goers an experience they will not quickly forget. Want a break from the psy? Come on down for our late-night cabaret, it's a special experience, the kind of experience you'll question ever existed the next day...


Featuring some of Aunty Sophie’s best performers executing a variety of their existing acts (and a mongrel of styles they’ve always wanted to try out). It’s high end collision of professional talents, unexpected surprises, and familiar arts in a way you’ve probably never seen before. Join our renegade of sorts (think circus, cabaret, burlesque, performance art, spoken word and anything else deemed good enough to take the stage) at the perfect time of night where things usually take a turn for the weird: The Witching Hour.

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First gig back of the year and its gonna be a SCHTONKER!

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