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Mana Wahine Cycles of the Moon

Mana Wahine Cycles of the Moon

Mana Wahine Moon Cycles
Aunt Flow, crimson tide, that time of the month, moon cycle, whatever you call it, we're talking about it!

After years of disconnection and confusion with public health knowledge, I stumbled across a journey of conscious connection to our monthly moon cycles, and the sacred womb space. Although I've only just begun, I've found the most inspiring growth I have experienced has been in spaces of connecting, sharing and learning in the power of our sisters, and the wisdom of our ancestors.

With 2020 being the year that has asked so many of us to come within, connect deeper, to nurture ourselves and our earth mother, I've created this workshop so we can gather and experience a collective journey through the four stages of our own cycles, enjoy some movement meditation, share love, learning, & release!

Our space will be at midday on the last day of the year, during a full moon! So feel free to bring along a journal and pen for some full moon releasing!

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