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Mental health among men is a major issue in New Zealand, there is an unfortunate culture of keeping our issues to ourselves and sometimes they can overwhelm us with tragic results.


This workshop is a long overdue opportunity for men in our wider community to speak openly about their lives, emotions and share ways to help each other through the tough times.


Men’s Circle:


A safe space for people who identify as male to share and connect with the challenging experiences they’ve faced in life. We will tune into our senses to gain focus and then offer ideas for making the group safe. Each person will have a few minutes to share if they want to, everyone will be encouraged to listen, and there will be an opportunity for a few people to call for feedback from the group. We will finish with an activity to help shift the atmosphere back to festivities.


2019 Second Wave Announcement

Hot on the heels of our stellar 1st wave announcement we have another 57 EPIC acts for you to feast your eardrums on.. featuring more fresh talent from NZ, Australia, Belgium and South Africa. Featuring CLEARLIGHT, GLYPH, TETRAMETH, SHADOW FX (TWISTED SIBLING) , LEFT OR RIGHT, NATURAL DISASTOR, BUTTERFLIES WELCOMING SPRING

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