Come share, learn, relax and take a break from the dancing

This year we have a selection of amazing keynote speakers who will be presenting during the day in the Groove Lounge!

Workshops will be running during and after the speakers, along with a huge range of fire and circus workshops for your enjoyment :)

Daily yoga classes to help you limber up after a long night ^_^

Keynote speakers & presentations

Psychedelic Music Production: Organised Chaos

An in-depth exploration into the art of music production, and how using guidelines from software development can improve your production quality and workflow. Click for more info

Hosted by: Ray Singer - SPOONHEAD

Generation rent? No thanks!

Are there other options besides being forever labelled 'Generation Rent'? What can we gain in our lives simply by sacrificing space? Can tiny houses be used in community to re-ignite that sense of tribe we’ve all lost? Tiny houses and the concept of minimalist living has recently taken off in New Zealand. Come along and hear why one outside-the-box Kiwi chose to build a smaller home in order to live a larger life. Click for more info

The Anarchist's Guide to Mental Wellbeing

Join Mathew Peppercorn for an exciting three part series into mental health in New Zealand. As a private nurse with TASK Mental Wellness he undertakes grass roots sessions across NZ to strengthen whanau and communities. Click for more info

Hosted by: Mathew Peppercorn

Current Status of Cannabis Law Reform in NZ

With a referendum on adult personal use on cannabis due in 2020 and medical cannabis legislation supposed to have been enacted within the first 100 days of the new Government, it is confusing why there has been no public discussion and nothing seems to have actually changed? Abe from Whakamana will breakdown the political goings on behind the scenes and distinguish between the false promises and what is actually happening.

Hosted by: Abe Gray

New advances in the science and biology of Cannabis

Fresh off a tour of the West Coast USA legal recreational cannabis states and attendance of the two most cutting edge cannabis industry science and technology conferences in Los Angeles and Sydney, Abe from Whakamana will relate the latest developments in the industry and share some of the most groundbreaking findings in the field of cannabis biology.

Hosted by: Abe Gray

Patterns of nature

A workshop that explores the patterns found throughout the natural world and the cosmos. Click for more info

Other activities

Open Mic Jams

Open mic sessions are back! Calling all rappers.. come show us what you have in the GROOVE LOUNGE! Welcoming your wicked rhythmic wisdom, against a backdrop of instrumental tunes spun by our resident wizard - LOOM. Peace, love and all that jazz - leave any bigotry, misogyny and discriminatory lyrics at home. There's enough of that destructive gear in this world already.

The frequencies of the natural voice

Vanessa Göke, a breathing, speech and voice therapist and teacher, Reiki practitioner and wedding singer, gave workshops and breathing massages under the name S.T.A.R.K. - the Power of Breathing in Europe and New Zealand. Focus of this workshop is to reconnect to our natural voice. That means to come on your power. The frequencies of our voice through different breathing techniques creates regeneration for body, mind, voice and soul. When you get back to the nature inside yourself, you can connect with that of others, the world and the whole universe. This is the frequency between yourself and the outside world.


During this workshop you will learn basic massage techniques like deep tissue massage, micro-facial release and reflexology. You can expect to work in pairs, giving and receiving massage in a safe and relaxed environment with the space to practice your new skills. Take this opportunity to let your body relax and give your muscles some caring attention. We recommend you dress in comfortable layers that allow reasonable access to the upper torso and the lower legs and feet. You can bring your own towel and favourite massage balm, however massage oil will be provided.

Morning yoga - stretch and flow!

This year the Groove Lounge will again be kicking off each day with morning Yoga sessions. This particular yogi has been a part of the Twisted crew for several years.

Too many dicks in the mix

For aeons electronic festivals in Aotearoa have been dominated by men. This shit has got to change. There are some powerful wahine in our community, on the crews, behind the decks and everywhere in between. The Twisted family wants to see them thrive and rise up to even out these masculine heavy line ups. Zzyl has been a member of our community/crew/family from a young age and has recently started smashing some HUGE drum and bass sets across Aotearoa. She is inviting anyone who identifies as a woman to come join in a workshop just for you. Learn the basics of beat matching and plant the seed so you can play us your favorite tunes on the big rigs for years to come!

Introduction to permaculture.

Have you ever wondered how you can apply more sustainability into your life but don't know where to start?


This new years the Twisted Frequency fire and circus crew are bringing their circus toys, a healthy supply of fire fuel and are inviting you to come play, learn new tricks and spin some FIRE! The Crew will have just come from two other awesome Circus and Flow Festivals! Circulation (Dunedin) and Under the Spinfluence (Wellington).

We are running workshops in the afternoon over the 31st till the 2nd, midday until 6pm.

We will have a big box of workshop props so don’t be shy to come pick up something and give it a go! Spinning is a great way to expand your body and mind, learning new tricks helps build coordination and creates new neural pathways!

Offering an awesome range of workshops from,The Flow State, Safe Flexibility, Poi Play, Double Staff, Contact Staff, Hula Hoop, Rope Dart, and so much more!

Can't wait to jam and get our flow on with you all! Much love from the fire and circus flowmies

..that's all for this year :)
Have a look through some of our previous workshops and speakers :)
Fire & Circus

This new years the Twisted Frequency fire and circus crew are bringing a huge range of toys as well as a healthy supply of fuel and are inviting you to come play, learn new tricks and spin some FIRE!


The SYSTEM- what is it, where is it, and how do we ‘fuck’ it?

Liberation Theatre

Acting Out- Liberation Games. We all play games, and we learn by playing. So come join in with theater games at the 'Groove lounge' that explore ideas of oppression, liberation and solidarity.

Mixed Jam Session

Music is the most important part of many of our lives. To honour music in its most intuitive form, each night at Twisted Frequency, The Groove Lounge will host a four hour mixed jam session.

Haus House

Welcome to the madness! So, as you may or may not be aware Tech-9 Productions are running a zone at Twisted Frequency this new year. Dubbed the Haus House​.

Open Mic Session

Calling all rappers... This year at Twisted you are welcomed to come share your rhymes at a dedicated hip hop open mic session.

Tough Talk Q&A

Sam O’Sullivan, a Clinical Psychologist, has spent the last year traveling around New Zealand in his van creating short documentaries with everyday Kiwi men about their tough stories, how they support their wellness and mates, and what it takes to be tough on the inside.

Self-defence in Cyberspace: Beginner class

Technology shouldn't make us anxious; we are a technological species, after all. This workshop will help you better-defend yourself online.

Belzor Yoga

This year the groove lounge will open with twice daily morning Yoga sessions. This particular yogi has been a part of the Twisted crew for years.


Mental health among men is a major issue in New Zealand, there is an unfortunate culture of keeping our issues to ourselves and sometimes they can overwhelm us with tragic results.

Twisted Poetry Jam

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was the beginning. This year we are hosting the first of many: Twisted Poetry Jams.

New Zealand flora and fauna and the modern landscape

An open discussion about Birds,plants, weeds,gardening and conservation in New Zealand.

Belly Flames

A journey to the womb and re-connection with our goddess bodies through this ancient dance


Acroyoga (AKA Acrobalance) is a fantastically fun and unique way to connect with people and yourself!

Mindful Meditation

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment." Buddha

Graffiti Art

Joining us this year is Melbourne based Graffiti artist Max Richards.

Tech Talk

Modern technology has brought us a long way, from the first implementation of electricity to the tiny nano-scale circuits we find in our smartphones today.

Sacred Geometry: Quantum Physics and Psycho-analytics

This workshop involves an academic lecture on the historical and scientific significance of Sacred Geometry and Mandalas, followed by an exploration of Jungian Psychotherapy and his utilisation of mandalas to explore the subconscious and integrate it with consciousness.

Permaculture Principles & Food Forest Concepts

An important issue we are facing in the coming future is how we can operate in a sustainable way while our population grows without effecting the earth and the natural world.

Womens' Circle

This year, all of us identifying as women have a zone for ourselves.

Takaka River

Te Waipounamu (New Zealand's south island) is a gorgeous sight to behold, studded with enormous glaciers and vast mountains, peppered with clear blue lakes and covered end to end with winding waterways.

Open Mic Session

Step right up... This year Twisted Frequency opens with you!!! Get amongst an early evening open mic session on the 30th of December.

Salsa Heat

A sexy, energetic movement journey into the realm of Latin dance. you will learn the basics of salsa, merengue, samba, cha cha cha and more, in a fun easy method that will keep you wanting more heat.


2019 Second Wave Announcement

Hot on the heels of our stellar 1st wave announcement we have another 57 EPIC acts for you to feast your eardrums on.. featuring more fresh talent from NZ, Australia, Belgium and South Africa. Featuring CLEARLIGHT, GLYPH, TETRAMETH, SHADOW FX (TWISTED SIBLING) , LEFT OR RIGHT, NATURAL DISASTOR, BUTTERFLIES WELCOMING SPRING

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